How To Sleep On Your Back Properly

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How To Sleep On Your Back ProperlyEverybody needs to sleep properly but the big question is “how do you sleep?” We all know that a person’s sleeping position is very important and sleeping on your back is – undeniably –  the best sleeping position. That is why knowing how to sleep on your back properly is very important to wake up refreshed and alert the next day. Below are tips on How To Sleep On Your Back Properly:

How To Sleep On Your Back Properly To Avoid Neck Pain

Some people think that good posture is only applicable when awake and when in bed it doesn’t matter what your sleeping position is. This is a big mistake! Good posture, even when sleeping is VERY important. Old and young should be concerned with their sleeping positions and posture when sleeping.

Sleep Position Is Very Important

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The number one cause of back pain and neck problems right after getting out of bed is the sleep position. Sometimes, staying in one sleeping position when doing it right for too long can ultimately cause muscle cramps, pain and even sleep lines . This is the case when you are  lying on your stomach or in fetal position.

One of the worst sleeping positions is lying on your stomach, this can cause strain of the muscles of the neck and cause misaligned spinal bones. Sleeping on your back is the best position. Of course, you need to use a good pillow that can fully support your head to sleep better through the night. Choosing the right pillow is important since it acts as the supporter of your neck and head to help maintain the natural curve of your spine. A lot of individuals make use of water-filled pillows to reduce neck pain. But this claim hasn’t been confirmed yet except that individuals who have tried using water-filled pillows attested of having better sleep when using this type of pillow.

How To Sleep On Your Back Properly

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Do you work in an office? Are you constantly infront of the computer? Our modern lifestyle involves sitting for 8 hours or more – albeit behind your desk or infornt of the computer in your home – and having no time to do physical activities. This can also be a factor in experiencing back pain issues. Sleeping on your back correctly is the key to avoiding unnecessary strain on your spine, thus giving you a better sleep all through the night. If you haven’t tried sleeping on your back or if you are sleeping on your back, it is best that you learn How To Sleep On Your Back Properly.

Important Tips On How To Sleep On Your Back Properly

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Now that we have given you reasons why you should sleep on your back properly, here are some tips on how to sleep on your back properly:

  1. Choose a soft, comfy pillow to place under your knees and one pillow that is not too soft nor too hard to support your head and neck.
  2. Lie down on your back and prop up the pillow under your knees first. Then, position the pillow under your head.
  3. A good pillow is one that is 4-6 inches in height and made of good material.
    1. For individuals who are allergic to feather you may opt to use pillows made from foam or those filled with water.
  4. The pillow should neither be too soft that it cannot fully support your head nor too hard that you will not feel comfortable lying on the pillow.
  5. For women who are pregnant, it is okay to sleep on your back just as long as you are comfortable with the sleeping position and you do not feel any pain or discomfort whatsoever when lying on your back.
  6. The shape and material of the pillow you use to sleep on your back is very important, especially if you are pregnant.
    1. Sleeping on your back on a soft pillow for support can help you and your baby sleep better without causing any strains on your body.
  7. Most physicians would recommend pregnant women to sleep on their sides rather than on their back for several reasons like shortage of breath which can possibly limit the oxygen supply to the fetus or baby. Nonetheless, if you feel more comfortable sleeping on your back then you may try doing so. Just be sure that you sleep on your back properly.
  8. People who snore can still sleep on their backs and there is one effective tip on how to stop snoring while sleeping on this position.
  9. Try propping your abdomen by placing a soft medium-sized or small-sized pillow under your back.
    1. Another strategy to use is rolling a piece of towel up and placing it under your back. You will be amazed at how well this strategy works!
  10. Set the temperature right in your bedroom and avoid drinking too much liquid during bedtime to avoid getting out of bed during the night time.

Start Sleeping Properly

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Bad mornings are sometimes caused by sleeping in the wrong position. Hence, knowing how to sleep on your back properly is very important to get fully refreshed the next day.

The key here is to use the right type pillow for your head and to prop up your knees, choosing the right mattress and relaxing while in your bed.

Share your stories below about sleeping on your back, feel free to shoot any questions about anything related to sleeping.

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