What Is Your Sleep Position Personality?

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sleep position personality

Do you know that your personality can be revealed by how you sleep ? Sleep experts who have been carefully studying the mystery of sleep patterns have revealed the link between a person’s personality traits to their position while they sleep at night.

There are several sleeping positions and a person usually chooses his or her own sleep position based on comfort while others are obliged to sleep in a certain sleep position because of certain extenuating circumstances such as back pain or pregnancy. The most common sleep position are as follows: the fetus, the log, the yearner, the soldier, freefall, and starfish. Each sleep position is linked to certain personality traits that reflect the person’s inner being. Check out your possible sleep position personality below.

What Is Your Sleep Position Personality ?

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Foetus, Log and Yearner

People who sleep in their side are said to be yearners of attention. Also, people who sleep in this sleep position are said to be shy and show a tough facade but the truth is that they are caring and sweet inside. They are also sociable people who love to go out, party and seek adventure. They definitely love the outdoors; either trekking with buddies or having a shopping spree with friends.

“Invariably the side position is generally regarded as best for health, though advice going back to Greek times, or found in Yoga scripts is to lie on the right so that you’re not putting pressure on the heart. However, some medieval texts suggested that half of sleep time should be spent on the right and the other half on the left.” - Kyrsty Jade Hazell

Starfish and Soldier

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Individuals who sleep in soldier position are usually perfectionists. They want everything to be accurate and well, just perfect! While those who prefer to sleep in a starfish position are good listeners and do not seek the attention of others. They simply want the company of their close friends and loved ones but do not seek the spotlight to be the center of attention. They sleep on their back with their hands under their pillow.

“These poses involve sleeping on the back which tends to increase snoring and more serious problems with breathing, as well as stomach reflux and curiously with sleep paralysis (waking up in the morning paralysed and being unable to move for a few seconds),” according to Hazell.


People who sleep in the freefall position sleep on their stomach with their heads tilted either to the left or to the right. Their arms are rested behind the pillow. These people who sleep in freefall position are friendly but they hate being told what to do.

“This position is best for digestion as lying down flat means that stomach contents can more readily be worked back up into the mouth, while those who lie on their back may end up snoring and breathing less well during the night,” Hazell says.

Be Sure To Find The Right Sleep Position

No matter what your referred sleep position is,  it is important to keep in mind that getting a good quality of sleep as well as getting the required number of hours of sleep is as vital as exercising daily and getting the right nutrients. If you are having trouble sleeping, see a doctor and read our articles about sleep problems.


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